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Unwind ∆∆∆√ - Neal Shusterman
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Number of Pages: 352
Point of View: 3rd person but each "chapter" focus's on each character.

How I got the book:
Online. Honestly, i was so bored and i was in love with The Hunger Games but i needed something else to read. As sad as it sounds, i went to yahoo answers and asked about books like the Hunger Games. A lot of people said Unwind was awesome, so i decided to borrow it from my local library.

What's it about?
Book description:
In a society where unwanted teens are salvaged for their body parts, three runaways fight the system that would "unwind" them. Connor's parents want to be rid of him because he's a troublemaker. Risa has no parents and is being unwound to cut orphanage costs. Lev's unwinding has been planned since his birth, as part of his family's strict religion. Brought together by chance, and kept together by desperation, these three unlikely companions make a harrowing cross-country journey, knowing their lives hang in the balance. If they can survive until their eighteenth birthday, they can't be harmed -- but when every piece of them, from their hands to their hearts, are wanted by a world gone mad, eighteen seems far, far away.

So basically kids are being sent to Harvest Camps for their body parts. CREEPY!
This is a really good book. It has a twisted ending and an open ended one but its okay because i wouldn't like the book any other way. It really leaves you wondering. What does it mean to be alive? If we are Unwound, do we still have souls? Do we even have souls now? Who knows?
This book explores these wonders, and may not answer the questions, but will definitely define them. 

BEST BOOK EVER. No joke. I said in an earlier post (The Hunger Games) that the Hunger Games book was my all time favorite but i am sorry Suzanne Collins, Unwind wins my favorite book by the skin of my teeth! 
Here's why:
Yes i know The Hunger Games promotes thinking, but Unwind does an even better job. Would we sacrifice one life to save a good number of others in society? 
Go buy right now. I don't even care if there's a blizzard, you have to read this book!!! Its chilling and wonderful! 
Also, i personally think Neal Shusterman is my favorite author. Unwind was the first book i read, and then i read Downsiders, then Full Tilt. All of them were pretty good and i plan on reading more books by him!

Bubble Gum <3

Need help finding it in the library/ bookstore?
It should be in the Teen/ YA fiction section.
Fic Shu

Not sure? Here are some places you can read the first couple chapters for free:
Simon and Shuster preview
Just click on the preview you want to read!

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