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Ender's Game

Ender's Game √- Orson Scott Card
Link to official site:

Number of Pages: 324 pages
Point of View: 3rd person, revolves around everyone.

How I got the book:
Well it was on my summer reading list one year, and the librarian made it SOUND good so i decided to try it. I bought this from my local bookstore.

What's it about?
Official book summary:

It's 2070, forty years since a devastating alien invasion was barely turned back, and the world is desperately searching for soldiers to lead them to victory when the "Buggers" come again. That's why they're drafting young children who pass a rigorous screening, and sending the best of them to the orbiting Battle School, where they are trained from childhood to be ready for war in the vertiginous reaches of space. Into the unending pressure of military training comes six-year-old Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, who struggles to keep his humanity even as the adult teachers, rivals among his fellow students, and the strange unseen influence of the alien invaders all threaten either to destroy him or to make him into someone he can't bear to be. His genius raises him to the top of the intensely competitive games in the Battle Room, an immense null-gravity chamber where armies of youngsters engage in mock combat. But his real struggles are off the playing field - with a dangerous older boy named Bonzo Madrid who is determined that both he and Ender cannot survive in this place; with his teacher, Mazer Rackham, who won the last war on a fluke and now is trying to prepare Ender to win the next one by skill rather than luck; and with himself, as Ender wrestles with his own demons, desperate to remain a decent human being even as he sees himself being transformed into exactly the same kind of monster as the buggers themselves.

Well thats what the summary said.
Alright i'm pretty into this stuff, you know aliens and things. But i was surprised to learn that while reading this book that it wasn't really about the aliens. They played a pretty small role in the book.
The book follows a boy named Ender. Yes yes, he gets into battle school, and he's exceptionally gifted. But the story was boring. I felt like for a lot of the time, i was skipping over the writing and going to the dialogue where something actually happened you know?
I know some people that loved this book, and cried at the end (for what reason i don't know. Not giving anything away, but i didnt think the ending was sad.) but i found it boring.
The idea was good, but Orson Scott Card turned it into something... not entertaining. In the book, the writing sometimes just droned on and on and had not been important to the story itself.
Although, the ending had a nice twist that i didnt see coming.

I suppose i'll have to give it a 4 out of 10 (10 being the best)
The characters were not built very well and a lot of the writing just lacked purpose, it didnt really do anything with the story.
But, the plot was okay and the idea was interesting, and the ending was satisfying.
At times this could be very confusing. You would often have to go back and re read to understand better.

Bubble Gum <3

Need help finding it in the library/bookstore?
Should be in the Childrens, teens/YA, maybe even horror or if your Li/bo (library/bookstore) has a special section for Orson Scott Card, it could be there too.
Fic Car

Want to read it? Here are some sites that will let you read the first couple chapters or so for free:
Google Preview

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